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Nightmare Moon in Socks by 90Sigma

As all critique will be divided into 4:

1. Vision: Say that the vision was very deep and smooth of appearance, is beautiful and rare ;)

2. Originality: I never saw a Sensual Nightmare Moon in Socks (Lauren Faust style) in others Fan-Art but yes, it's cool and for the moment unique (in case of they ask more of this :D)

3. Technique: The technique as i said is unique because is a original design of the serie MLP:FIM, also the color is deep, the smoothness in the mane are perfect and very fashion, the color of the socks will combined very well with the body transformed

4. Impact: Well, is simple, i'm not a pervert, so that the impact is 4 LOL but i say that this artwork is very approved for me in style :iconkakashithumbsupplz:

A friki message: Nightmare Moon, or better says: "Luna Sennin Mode" (:iconlolmemeplz: that name very friki) I always wanted to say something really dumb, the reason of why you transformed in, this in counter of Trollestia say Celestia.... Is the HATE :iconmadarasusanooplz:
The Artist thought this was FAIR
14 out of 15 deviants thought this was fair.


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